Top 10 Best WooCommerce Popup Cart Plugins You Need to Know in 2023
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Top 10 Best WooCommerce Popup Cart Plugins You Need to Know in 2023
Looking for a plugin to reduce cart abandonment and increase conversion? There is a lot you can do to complete their purchase. This includes simplifying the checkout process and preventing the website from rebuilding whenever a customer adds an item to the shelf.
This blog will enlist some of the best WooCommerce popup cart plugins to help you decide on one.
Let's dive right into it!

1. WooCommerce Popup Cart 

WooCommerce Popup Cart

WooCommerce Popup Cart is a simple user interface plugin. The plugin gives you the option to continue browsing the store. You can add all items to your shopping cart without going to the purchase page. Clients don't have to wait for the page to refresh. The article added to the cart is immediately displayed on the "View Cart" and "Checkout" buttons so customers can choose which to ship there.
WooCommerce Popup Cart allows you to add recommended products by categories or products and resell them in a popup. This feature encourages the customer to add more items to the cart to increase the value of the order and purchase.

2. Woo Mini Cart by ElementsKit

Woo Mini Cart by ElementsKit

Woo Mini Cart is an ElementsKit widget that can set up a mini cart. ElementsKit is a versatile extension for Elementor. Woo Mini Cart is an excellent choice if you like the Elementor page builder and want to create your mini coach with a unique design.
Customers can check the items in the shopping cart at any time in the special section. Users can remove items from the car using the mini car. You can quickly go to the checkout page with one click. Drag and drop, easy-to-use Elementor widget. The option to preview the vehicle is available by clicking and zooming.
You will have complete control over the design of all widget elements, including the body, title, part, subtotal, and checkout buttons. You can also use a custom display based on login status, user, date, browser, etc. You can also use various effects like tilt, hover, scroll, etc.

3. WooCommerce Awesome Side Cart (Ajax)

WooCommerce Awesome Side Cart (Ajax)

The Ajax side cart is straightforward to use and has a beautiful design. Customers can also use this shopping cart to add, exchange or save on products. With this plugin, users can find products in their cart from any page on your website.
The side cart for the WooCommerce plugin is entirely based on Ajax technology. After using this vehicle, your buyer will have everything that can help you increase conversions and sales for your store. You can use it for free, and if you like it, you can pay for the whole process.

4. YITH WooCommerce Popup

YITH WooCommerce Popup is a plugin for promoting products and selling recommended products. You can confirm offers and encourage and display news related to products in your store.
The YITH plugin allows you to set the page and position to display the popup. You can set up user activity or schedule popup triggers based on time—an easy-to-use WooCommerce product popup theme plugin.

5. WooCommerce Splash Popup

Splash Popup

WooCommerce Splash Popup is the official WooCommerce extension for product promotion. You can capture visitors' attention by showing them the latest offers in popups.
The plugin allows you to show unique content to visitors depending on their actions. For example, you can display a popup based on the user's usage status and cookie usage period.

6. Floating Cart for WooCommerce

Floating Cart for WooCommerce

Floating Cart for WooCommerce from SKROTRON is a paid WooCommerce Floating Cart plugin that allows you to add a floating cart to your online store. Therefore, it will enable your customers to check out with one click, making it easier for customers and increasing conversions.
Smart Cart is a powerful WooCommerce cart plugin that shows you an overview of your customer's journey through your stores, such as [items added to the cart, purchase cost, and shipping. It also shows a scroll tab that directs users to the checkout page. You can customize and install plugins to match the theme of your site.

7. WooCommerce Fast Cart

Fast Cart
WooCommerce Fast Cart provides fast checkout, a high conversion rate and increased order value. The plugin makes it easy for customers to view the products in their cart, see their order, change the quantity, delete items, and apply discount codes. It will help you promote products with the powerful WooCommerce product management engine and speed up the checkout process.
When the customer adds an item to the cart, a cart icon or a giant light box in the middle appears on the right side of the screen. Thus, buyers can view the product without leaving the page. Customers can modify their order on the checkout page by changing quantities, deleting products, activating discounts, and adding related products.
A unique quick checkout shows the WooCommerce checkout as a popup. This will purchase products much faster and easier. The embedded cart can be displayed either as a cart on the right side of the screen or as a giant orange box in the middle. You can also speed up sales by scrolling the cart and popup sales when customers add something to their cart. 

8. WPC Fly Cart for WooCommerce

Fly Cart
This interactive WPC Fly Cart plugin for WooCommerce allows your website to add products to your cart without leaving your current page or manually reloading it. In addition, users can search for their purchases, proceed to checkout or continue shopping - all these actions are performed, and the results are on the same screen.
This plugin will allow your website to add content to the cart by leaving the current page or refreshing it. At the same time, the WPC Fly Cart can be used as a float on any page, including databases and product pages. You can install the WPC AJAX Add to Cart plugin to improve the experience when a Popup Fly Cart is displayed on each product web page.

9. Power Pack WooCommerce Mini Cart for Elementor

Mini Cart

The WooCommerce Mini Cart Widget is a plugin for Elementor that enables you to create an efficient shopping cart system for your eCommerce website. If your site is an online store where visitors come to buy products, you should have a shopping cart to make things easier.
Customize the shopping cart's look according to the site's needs. Easy to easily change colours, buttons, styles, and everything else. Create a shopping cart and place it on the site so that it is easy for the customer to navigate to the checkout page. Improve the efficiency of online shopping for many products at the same time.

10. Flux Checkout for WooCommerce

Flux Cart

The Flux Checkout plugin for WooCommerce enhances the standard WooCommerce checkout process by adding a multi-step process optimized for conversions.
The standard WooCommerce page can be overloaded, which, as you know, can lead to traffic abandonment. The plugin helps you solve this problem by simplifying the process with several steps to check.
To improve the checkout process, the plugin automatically adds an address field. You must set up the plugin with a Google API key to allow quick address lookups.

Final Words

Now you know some of the best WordPress popup plugins for your WooCommerce shopping cart. You can choose the plugins you need and best suit your online store.