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Axis Bank in partnership with NGO Dhruvansh has organised a lake cleaning drive, 'Cleanathon', in Hyderabad.

Axis Bank, in partnership with NGO Dhruvansh, organised a lake cleaning drive, ‘Cleanathon’, in Hyderabad on Saturday (10th June 2023). This initiative was recorded in the Asia Book of Record as it was the largest cleaning drive conducted across the country.

* In Hyderabad, over 100 volunteers participated in cleaning Mushki Cheruvu and Neknampur Lake to restore these water bodies.

* The Cleanathon was conducted across 20 cities including Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, and Varanasi.

* In collaboration with local NGOs, the initiative aimed to combat plastic pollution and promote responsible waste management practices. The campaign aligned with the United Nations’ theme for World Environment Day 2023, ‘Beat Plastic Pollution’.

* Participants included Axis Bank employees, local communities, activists, influencers, and volunteers who collected and disposed of plastic waste from beaches and water bodies.

* They also raised awareness about the harmful effects of plastic pollution and advocated for reducing single-use plastics. This collective effort aimed to create a cleaner and healthier environment for all..

Source : New Indian Express

Published On : June 13, 2023
Category : Banking