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David Hardiman has released his new book 'Non-Cooperation in India: Non-Violent Strategy and Protest'.

Historian David Hardiman has released his new book 'Non-Cooperation in India: Non-Violent Strategy and Protest' on Monday.

The non-cooperation movement by the Indian National Congress (INC), organized and led by Gandhi, was the first mass movement organized nationwide during India’s struggle for freedom.

Aim : Its aims were to force further concessions from the British government by organizing the boycotting of the legislative councils, courts and schools, and other symbolic acts.

“Although the Noncooperation Movement of 1920-22 was one of the greatest mass movements of modern times, hardly any overall accounts of it exist. “I was inspired to carry out this task through a combination of my interest in Indian nationalism, Gandhi, subaltern history, and the theory and practice of nonviolent resistance. I am delighted that Westland Books is now publishing this Indian edition,” said Hardiman, founding member of the ‘Subaltern Studies Group’, in a statement.

The non-violent movement, inspired by Gandhi’s satyagraha campaign, degenerated into violence and was called off by Gandhi himself in February 1922 after the murder of a number of policemen by a mob at Chauri Chaura in the United Provinces.

According to the publishers, the book, comprising seven chapters, is a detailed account of India’s first mass movement organized as a part of India’s freedom struggle..

Source : Indian Express

Published On : June 27, 2023
Category : Books and Authors