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Delhi Metro Service in India has introduced paper tickets with QR codes.

Delhi Metro has launched QR code paper tickets for passengers of Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC). The new facility has started and now allows travellers to use QR code-based paper tickets during the travel from metro.

* DMRC has said that the new system is an alternative to the existing tokens and smart cards and that the organisation has even modified its gates and counters to scan the QR codes and collect the fares. The QR ticketing system has been under trial for some time.

* According to DMRC, each station has two gates for entry and exit that can accept QR paper tickets. The corporation plans to make all the gates and ticket machines compatible with QR codes by June.

* Delhi metro is also aiming to launch mobile QR tickets by the end of this month. This will further make travel in Metro faster, easier and more convenient, as riders would not have to buy physical tickets at the stations or counters.

How to use QR paper ticket in Delhi Metro :

* Buy a QR based Paper Ticket (non-refundable) from the Ticket Vending Machine or the Customer Care Counter at the station where you want to start your journey.

* Scan the QR code on the ticket at the entry gate within 60 minutes of buying the ticket. You cannot enter from any other station than the one where you bought the ticket.

* If you do not scan the ticket within 60 minutes, it will become invalid and you will have to buy a new one.

* Scan the ticket again at the exit gate when you reach your destination station..

Source : India Today

Published On : May 9, 2023
Category : Railways