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Ding Liren has become 17th world chess champion (2023).

World Chess Championship 2023 : Ding Liren emerged as the 17th world champion after defeating Ian Nepomniachtchi. Ding's ascension to the throne means the Magnus Carlsen reign is over.

Ding Liren has become 17th world chess championthe first from China – defeating Russia’s Ian Nepomniachtchi in a tie-breaker. Ding defeated Nepo in the last of the four Rapid tiebreaks.

It was a fitting end to a contest which saw many ups and downs, with Ding snatching a victory from the jaws of a draw. A stunning race against the clock. Scroll down to to see how the exciting matches happened today.

Grandmaster Pravin Thipsay has been analysing games of the World Chess Championship for The Indian Express...

Source : Indianexpress

Published On : May 1, 2023
Category : Sports