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GalaxEye to launch world's 1st multi-sensorearth observation satellite.

An IIT-Madras-incubated space-tech startup, GalaxEye, is building the world’s first multi-sensor earth observation satellite with the help of a visible spectrum camera providing synchronised imaging that can take multiple images at the same time.

* The startup is going to launch its first satellite, ‘Drishti Mission’ 2024.

* Founded in 2020 by Suyash Singh, Denil Chawda, Kishan Thakkar, Pranit Mehta, Rakshit Bhatt and Prof S R Chakravarthy, GalaxEye is working on deploying a satellite constellation with a first-of-its-kind sensor based on data fusion to provide the most comprehensive imagery dataset from space.

* The data fusion technology developed in-house will bring unparalleled insights and data from space, enabling satellite constellations to perform all-weather imaging at all times without atmospheric interference typical of today’s single-sensor satellites. The technology will enable the production of images with extremely high resolution via a small satellite constellation that, once fully operational, will provide global coverage in under 12 hours, according to a statement from GalaxEye.

* GalaxEye founding member and Vice-President Pranit Mehta said, “The first launch is a very important milestone to us. It would put to space India's first and the world's highest resolution multi-sensor imaging satellite. Given the strong value of all-time all-weather imaging, our objective is to boost the EO industry and unlock several new applications across domains like insurance, maritime, supply chain and more.

* This also proves our proprietary technology, Drishti, synchronising two complementary sensors, thus pioneering Data Fusion at its core, “We are looking at mid-2024 for our first launch. While we are yet to fix our launch provider, our top preference remains to launch with "ISRO" itself. We are in active conversations regarding the same,” the VP said.

* The advanced satellites will change the way industries make decisions. Suyash Singh, co-founder & CEO, GalaxEye Space, envisions making GeoAnalytics a key tool  for every industry for their decision-making. Awarded multiple times, including Emerging Geospatial Star of 2022, Suyash has featured in Fortune India 40 Under 40 2023 for his key contributions to the Indian satellite service market..

Source : India Times

Published On : June 8, 2023
Category : Space