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Praveen Chitravel has created a national record in the men's triple jump event in Cuba 2023.

Indian athlete Praveen Chithravel won the men’s triple jump event at an athletics meet in Havana, Cuba , on Saturday (6th May 2023) with a national record-breaking mark of 17.37m.

* The previous men’s triple jump national record of 17.30m was set by Renjith Maheswary at the third Indian Grand Prix in Bangalore in 2016.

* Praveen Chithravel achieved his record-breaking mark with his fifth jump at the Prueba de confrontacion 2023 with a headwind reading of -1.5m/s. The permissible wind assistance for official records is +2.0m/s

* All national records, however, are subject to ratification by the Athletics Federation of India (AFI).

* The jump also qualifies Praveen Chithravel for the World Athletics Championships 2023, scheduled in Budapest from August 19 to 27. The men’s triple jump qualifying standard for Budapest23 is set at 17.20m.

* The 21-year-old Tamil Nadu athlete also comprehensively beat the Asian Games 2023 qualifying standard of 16.60m set by the Athletics Federation of India (AFI). Praveen, however, had already breached the mark March with a 17.17m leap at the second Indian Open Jumps Competition in Bellary.

* Before Saturday (6th May 2023), Praveen Chithravel’s personal best in the triple jump was 17.18m, recorded in Chennai last year (2022)..

Source : Olympics

Published On : May 8, 2023
Category : Sports