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first hydrogen-powered trains in India are expected to start from the Jind district of Haryana by the end of this year, 2023.

In a first in the country, hydrogen-powered trains are expected to run from Haryana’s Jind district by the end of this year (2023) and first hydrogen plant of country is being set up in Jind, said Shobhan Chaudhry, general manager (GM) of Northern Railway who visited the spot on Thursday (22nd June 2023).

Officials claimed that hydrogen powered trains have been running only in Germany and the whole world is keeping a watch on this project and how India will commence such trains.

India’s first hydrogen plant is being set up near the railway junction of Jind district. The plant development has entered the final phase and hydrogen will be produced from water, said officials.

The first prototype of the hydrogen train, expected to commence in the fiscal of 2023-2024 between Jind-Sonipat section of Northern Railway. They said that now trains are being run by diesel and electric and this will be the new for the country.

The hydrogen fuel based train of eight bogies will be environment friendly. The officials apprised the GM about the method of filling the hydrogen in trains and a process of collection of this fuel, said Jai Prakash, deputed as station master in Jind district..

Source : Times of India

Published On : June 25, 2023
Category : Railways