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IDFC FIRST Bank has launched FASTag Recharge with whom?

Correct Answer : Option (B) - WhatsApp

Private sector lender IDFC First Bank on Thursday(15th Sep 2022) announced the start of its integration with ‘payments on WhatsApp’ to enable simple and secure FASTags recharge for the Bank’s customers.
* IDFC FIRST customers will now be able to recharge their FASTags right within IDFC FIRST’s WhatsApp chatbot and complete the transaction from within the chat thread, the bank in a statement said.
* “IDFC FIRST Bank customers can get started by just sending ‘Hi’ to the Bank’s official WhatsApp chatbot number at +919555555555," it added.
* The recharge process will be a smooth one that allows payments in two easy stages. Customers must enter the amount and authenticate the transaction using an OTP after choosing the recharge option in the WhatsApp chat. They will then receive a message confirming the transaction.
* Millions of FASTag customers that utilise the Bank, this new feature will enable users to pay for their recharge using “payments on having to sign into any other mobile app or net banking platform.
* Users may now send and receive money via Unified Payment Interface (UPI) from their friends as simple as sending a WhatsApp message thanks to the “Payments on WhatsApp” feature.
* ‘Payments on WhatsApp’ is built with a rigorous set of security and privacy principles with user safety at its core, including entering a unique UPI-PIN for each payment..

Source : Mint

Published On : September 19, 2022
Category : Banking