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Indian Indian Air Force To Retire Wing Commander________MiG-21 Squadron By September end 2022.
Varun Singh
Abhinandan Varthaman
Manish Singh
Prithvi Singh Chauhan

Correct Answer : Option (B) - Abhinandan Varthaman

The Indian Air Force is set to retire its Srinagar-based MiG-21 squadron ‘Sword Arms’ that Wing Commander "Abhinandan Varthaman" was a part of when he had downed an F-16 combat aircraft of Pakistan a day after the Balakot strike in February 2019, sources said on Monday(19th Sep 2022).

‘Sword Arms’ is one of its four remaining squadrons of ageing MiG-21 fighter jets.

The No. 51 Squadron is to be retired by the end of September, “as per the plan”, the defence sources said.

The remaining three squadrons of MiG-21 will be phased out by 2025, they said.

IAF fighter jets had bombed a Jaish-e-Mohammed terrorist training camp in Balakot on February 26, 2019, nearly two weeks after the Pulwama terror attack. Pakistan had retaliated on February 27 by attempting to target Indian military installations.

Varthaman (now Group Captain) had taken to the skies to thwart an aerial attack launched by adversaries and engaged in a dogfight with Pakistani jets during aerial combat.

Before his MiG-21 Bison jet was shot down, Varthaman had downed the F-16 fighter of Pakistan. He was conferred the Vir Chakra, India’s third-highest wartime gallantry medal, on the Independence Day in 2019..

Source : Indian Express

Published On : September 20, 2022
Category : Defence