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India's WPI inflation fell to what percentage in September 2022 from 12.41% in August 2022?

Correct Answer : Option (A) - 10.7%

India’s WPI inflation falls to 10.7% in September 2022 : Inflation based on the Wholesale Price Index(WPI) decreased to 10.70% in September 2022. According to official figures, the WPI-based inflation rate was 12.41% in August 2022.

High-speed diesel (HSD) saw the highest inflation rate at 65.96%. (YoY). It was followed by price increases of 44.72 percent for crude oil and natural gas and 49.79 percent for potatoes.
Key Points India’s WPI inflation falls to 10.7% in September : 
* Only the category of fuel and power experienced an increase in inflation month over month (MoM). The prices fell in all the others.
* Inflation was also down in the Wholesale Price Index (WPI) Food Index.
* The index for this important group dropped from 178.6 (provisional) for the month of August 2022 to 176.2 (provisional) in September 2022, a (-1.34%) decrease.
* When compared to August 2022, food item prices rose by 0.28 percent in September 2022.
* In September 2022 compared to August 2022, prices for non-food items dropped by 3.60 percent, crude oil and natural gas prices dropped by 6.38 percent, and the price of minerals dropped by 6.45 percent.
India’s WPI inflation decreases Inflation Analysis : Food articles from the primary articles group and food products from the manufactured goods group together make up the food index, which fell from 176.0 in August 2022 to 175.2 in September 2022. Based on the Wholesale Price Index (WPI) food index, the inflation rate dropped from 9.93% in August 2022 to 8.08% in September 2022..

Source : Indian Express

Published On : October 17, 2022
Category : Indian Economy