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Reserve Bank of India became a net seller of US currency in June 2022 after selling how many billion USD on net basis?
USD 2.397 billion
USD 2.873 billion
USD 3.265 billion
USD 3.719 billion

Correct Answer : Option (D) - USD 3.719 billion

Reserve Bank of India turned net seller of the US currency in June after it sold USD 3.719 billion on a net basis, the central bank data showed.
In the reporting month, the central bank purchased USD 18.96 billion from the spot market and sold USD 22.679 billion, according to the RBI monthly bulletin for August 2022 released on Thursday(18th Aug 2022).
In June 2021, RBI was net buyer of the greenback after it purchased USD 18.633 billion on a net basis from the spot market. In May 2022, the central bank net bought USD 2.001 billion. It had purchased USD 10.143 billion and sold USD 8.142 billion during the month.
During the fiscal 2022, the central bank had net purchased USD 17.312 billion. It had bought USD 113.991 billion and sold USD 96.679 billion in the spot market in FY22..

Source : Business Standard

Published On : August 25, 2022
Category : Banking