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Which Army Set to Possess Quantum Communication Technology?
Japan Army
UAE Army
Indian Army
North Korea Army

Correct Answer : Option (C) - Indian Army

The Indian Army is set to possess advanced quantum communication technology, thereby joining an elite list of nations with indigenous quantum tech. The new technology will equip troops with a high-end secured defence system.
The technology, developed by QNu Labs, a Bengaluru-based deep tech start-up, will help in modern-day war fare as the communication channel created using the Quantum Key Distribution (QDK) system is non-hackable, according to the defence ministry.
"A QKD system allows the creation of a quantum-secure secret pair of symmetric keys between two end points, separated by a certain distance [in this case, over 150 km in a terrestrial optical fibre infrastructure. The QKD helps create a non-hackable quantum channel for creating un-hackable encryption keys, which are used to encrypt critical data/voice/video, across the end points," the ministry said in a statement..

Source : India Today

Published On : August 22, 2022
Category : Defence