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Which bank has inaugurated 'Ethical Hacking Lab' at the Cyber security Centre of Excellence (CCoE) in Hyderabad on 23 September 2022?
Canara Bank
Union Bank of India
Bank of India
Indian Bank

Correct Answer : Option (B) - Union Bank of India

The Union Bank of India inaugurated the Ethical Hacking Lab at the Cyber Security Centre of Excellence (CCoE) on Friday(23rd Sep 2022).
The lab with cyber defence mechanism will protect the bank’s information system, digital assets, and channels, against potential cyber threats.
The lab was inaugurated by the bank’s managing director and CEO A. Manimekhalai.
Ms. Manimekhalai said, “Union Bank is adopting digital products in a big way. Various new initiatives are being taken up by the bank to increase digital footprints. IT assets are increasingly exposed to the internet. In this backdrop, our bank has established the Ethical Hacking Lab to strengthen the cyber ecosystem.”..

Source : The Hindu

Published On : September 27, 2022
Category : Banking