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Who won silver medal in men's long jump athletics at Commonwealth Games 2022 on 4th Aug 2022?
Avinash Sable
Sharath Kamal
Jinson Johnson
Murali Sreeshankar

Correct Answer : Option (D) - Murali Sreeshankar

Murali Sreeshankar clinched a silver in men's long jump to give India its second medal in athletics at the Commonwealth Games on Thursday(4th Aug 2022).
The 23-year-old Indian jumped 8.08 metres in his fifth attempt to finish second behind Laquan Nairn of Bahamas. 
Notably, Nairn also had the best jump of 8.08 metres. However, he won the gold medal as his second best of 7.98 metres was better than the 7.84 metres of Sreeshankar
Under rules, if two jumpers are tied on same distance, the one who has a better second best effort will be ranked ahead.
Jovan van Vuuren (8.06m) of South Africa took the bronze..

Source : The Hindu

Published On : August 5, 2022
Category : Sports