Which railway zone has won the " Best innovation award" of Indian Railways 2018-19 for its strategy 'Plan Bee'?
East Coast Railway zone
Northeast Frontier Railway
North Eastern Railway zone
South East Central Railway zone

Correct Answer : Option (B) - Northeast Frontier Railway

Note : Northeast Frontier Railway's (NFR) 'Plan Bee', a strategy of using an amplified version of honey bees sound to keep wild elephants away from train tracks won the " Best innovation award" of Indian Railways for the 2018-19 fiscal. The prize comprised of citation & cash award of Rs.3 lakh. Plan bee: It was launched in 2017 under which 46 devices were installed at several level crossings in Assam to play the sound of buzzing honey bees to drive away elephants from the rail tracks. This device is designed to generate the sound of honey bees from a distance of about 700-800 m.Installation: The first instrument installed at level crossing gate between Azara and Kamakhya stations under Rangiya division and then installed in several level crossing gates in the vicinity of forest areas. Background: Since 2013, a total of 67 elephants died in train hits in Assam while they were crossing the rail tracks and the population of elephant in Assam coming down to 5620.