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Current Affairs - 2022
When the "International Day of UN Peacekeepers" is observed annually?
29th May 2022
28th May 2022
27th May 2022
26th May 2022

Correct Answer :   29th May 2022

The International Day of UN Peacekeepers is being observed 29th May 2022. For the past two decades on this day, UN Peacekeepers, also known as the Blue Helmets, are remembered by the world for their role in promoting security, peace and stability. More than one million UN peacekeepers have taken part in 72 such operations since 1948.
India has played a key role in UN Peacekeeping operations. It sent doctors and nurses to Congo in 1960 and then an all women team to Liberia in 2008.
UN Resident Coordinator in India, Shombi Sharp lauded India's role and said its core democratic ideals and values are a testimony of its capacity.
Mr Sharp cited how the Indian contingent made an excellent contribution in South Sudan. An Indian lady officer was awarded one of the most prestigious medals for her exemplary courage.

International Day of UN Peacekeepers Theme 2022 :  People Peace Progress: The Power of Partnerships.

Source : News On Air

Published On : May 29, 2022