HTML Interview Questions
1 .
What is a marquee ?
Marquee is used to put the scrolling text on a web page. You should put the text which you want to scroll within the <marquee>......</marquee> tag.
2 .
What are style sheets ?
Style sheets enable you to build consistent, transportable, and well-defined style templates. These templates can be linked to several different web pages, making it easy to maintain and change the look and feel of all the web pages within a site.
3 .
What bullet types are available ?
With ordered lists, you can select to use a number of different list types including alphabetical and Roman numerals. The type attribute for un ordered lists can be set to disc, square, or circle.
4 .
Why are there both numerical and named character entity values ?
The numerical values are taken from the ASCII values for the various characters, but these can be difficult to remember. Because of this, named character entity values were created to make it easier for web page designers to use.
5 .
What are empty elements ?
HTML elements with no content are called empty elements. For example: <br>, <hr> etc.
6 .
What is the use of span tag? Give one example.
The span tag is used for following :

.  For adding color on text
.  For adding background on text
.  Highlight any color text etc.


<h3><span style="color:#0099da; font-weight:bold;">  
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7 .
How to open a link in new tab or window ?
To open a link in new tab or window, we have to use the following html code :

<a href="" target="_blank"> Welcome to  ...! </a>.
8 .
What is Domain Name, Domain Space and Browse. ?
Domain Name   :    Ex: the doamin name here)
Domain Space   :   The space required to place our file or website on the world wide web is called Domain Space.
Browser              :   The Software are the application used to browse the html files is called browser. Ex : Internet Explorer, Mozilla filefox,Google Chrome, Opera, Safari, Netscape Naviagator,Tetra, Epic (First Indian Browser developed at banglore & powered by Mozilla firefox Ex: Epic Browser – Indian Web Browser Epic).
9 .
What are empty elements ?
HTML elements with no content are called empty elements. For example: <br>, <hr> etc.
10 .
How to change background color using HTML?
The back ground color of HTML can be change attribute bgcolor in the <body> tag.

Example : 

  <body bgcolor="#FF00FF">
    <h1>Welcome to</h1>
    <p>Hello Job Seekers<p>