HTML Interview Questions
1 .
What is white space?
White space is the empty sequence of space characters. This white space is considered as a single space character in the HTML.
2 .
What is the advantage of white space?
White space helps the browser to collapse multiple spaces into one single space, and thereby the indent lines of the text can be taken care of without caring for the multiple spaces that are left. Thereby using the HTML code, white space helps in better organizing the content and tags, making them readable and easy to understand.
3 .
How can we create links to different sections within the same web page?
We can create several links to different sections within the same web page by using the <a> tag along with referencing through the use of the # symbol.
4 .
Can HTML files work well on the new browser?
 Of course, the HTML files could work very well on the new browser, just that the new browser is compliant to the HTML standards. It may be possible that some new browsers may not support the features of HTML and therefore, won’t work well.
5 .
Where are the numerical values taken in HTML?
The numerical values are taken from the ASCII values for the various characters in the HTML.
6 .
How is overlapping affect the sets of tags?
An overlapping set of tags in the HTML results in the recognition of only the first tag. Such issues occur only when the text does not display on the browser screen.
7 .
Can style sheets help in aligning images and wrap text?
Yes, the style sheet can apply tables to position text and images for aligning them accordingly.
8 .
Is there any limit to a text field size?
Yes, there is a limit of 13 characters in a text field size. By setting the size attribute, the size value can be set as low as 1.
9 .
Can the text appear outside the browser?
By default, the text cannot appear outside the browser, but, in case the text is part of a table cell with a predefined width, it could extend beyond the browser window.
10 .
Write a program to create nested webpages in HTML.
Representing a webpage inside of another webpage is a nested webpage. It is done using the iframe tag which creates an inline frame. 
  <h2>HTML Iframes example</h2>    
  <p>Use the height and width attributes to specify the size of the iframe:</p>    
  <iframe src="" height="400" width="600"></iframe>