Java Interview Questions
1 .
which model is used to provide actions to AWT components?
Event delegation model.
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what is an adapter class?
An Adapter class in an implementation class of a listener interface which contains all methods implemented with empty body. WindowAdapter is an adapter class of WindowListener interface. Adapter classes reduce overhead on programming while working with listener interfaces.
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what is anonymous inner class?
Anonymous inner class is an inner class whose name is not mentioned, and for which only one object is created.
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which method of the component class is used to set the position and the size of a component?
set Bounds(). 
Example : TxtName.setBounds(x, y, width, height);
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How can the Checkbox class be used to create a radio button?
By associating Checkbox objects with a CheckboxGroup.
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what is the difference between a Choice and a List?
Choice : A Choice is displayed in a compact form that requires you to pull it down to see the list of available choices. Only one item may be selected from a Choice. 
List :  A List may be displayed in such a way that several List items are visible. A List supports the selection of one or more List items.
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Can I add the same component to more than one container?
No. Adding a component to a container automatically removes it from any previous parent (container).
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what is the default layout in a frame?
Border Layout.
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What is the difference between a MenuItem and a CheckboxMenuItem?
The CheckboxMenuItem class extends the MenuItem class to support a menu item that may be checked or unchecked.
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How to change a button from enable to disable after click?
When button is clicked an action event is fired which can be captured by implementing ActionListener interface and actionPerformed(ActionEvent ae) method. You can then call button.setEnable(false) to disable this button.