String Concat :
Concat() method present in the String class and it is used to combine the two String.

Example: String str1 = Hello ;
String str2 =;

In the above statements str1.concat(str2) method concatenates Hello  and into a single string 

The same concatenation can be done by using + operator, which is called string concatenation operator.
String s3=str1+str2;
String concat programing
class Test 
public static void main(String[] args) 
String age="22"; 
String s="he is "+age+" years old."; 
String str1="freetmielearn"; 
String str2="hi"; 
String str3=str1.concat(str2); 
int a=22;
String s1="he is "+a+" years old."; 
String s2="six "+2+2+2; 
String s3="six "+(2+2+2); 
Output :
he is22years old,freetmielearnhi,six222,six6

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