Python Interview Questions
1 .
What is the best Python IDE for beginners?
There are many IDE’s to execute Python code. But, as a beginner, the following two IDE’s will be helpful 
* PyCharm
* Spyder
2 .
What are the different stages of the Life Cycle of a Thread?
The different stages of the Life Cycle of a Thread can be stated as follows.
Stage 1 : Creating a class where we can override the run method of the Thread class.
Stage 2 : We make a call to start() on the new thread. The thread is taken forward for scheduling purposes.
Stage 3 : Execution takes place wherein the thread starts execution, and it reaches the running state.
Stage 4 : Thread wait until the calls to methods including join() and sleep() takes place. 
Stage 5 : After the waiting or execution of the thread, the waiting thread is sent for scheduling.
Stage 6 : Running thread is done by executing the terminates and reaches the dead state.
3 .
Write a program to produce Fibonacci series in Python.
# Enter number of terms needed  #0,1,1,2,3,5....
a=int(input("Enter the terms"))
f=0     #first element of series
s=1    #second element of series
if a<=0:
    print("The requested series is
    print(f,s,end=" ")
    for x in range(2,a):
        print(next,end=" ")

Output : Enter the terms 5 0 1 1 2 3

4 .
Write a program in Python to check if a sequence is a Palindrome.
a=input("enter sequence")
if a==b:
    print("Not a Palindrome")
Output : enter sequence 323 palindrome
5 .
Write a sorting algorithm for a numerical dataset in Python.
The following code can be used to sort a list in Python:
list = ["1", "4", "0", "6", "9"]
list = [int(i) for i in list]
print (list)
6 .
What is Django?
Django is an advanced python web framework that supports agile growth and clean pragmatic design, built through experienced developers, this cares much about the trouble of web development, so you can concentrate on writing your app without wanting to reinvent that wheel.
7 .
List the features of Django?
* Excellent documentation
* Python web framework
* SEO optimised
* High scalability
* Versatile in nature
* Offers high security
* Thoroughly tested
* Provides rapid Development
8 .
What are the advantages of Django?
* One of the important advantages of Django is it is a framework of python language which is very simple to learn
* Django is a multifaceted framework
* When it comes to security Django is the best framework
* Scalability is added advantage of Django
9 .
Differentiate Django reusability code with other frameworks?
Django web framework is operated and also maintained by an autonomous and non-profit organization designated as Django Software Foundation (DSF). The initial foundation goal is to promote, support, and advance this Django Web framework.
10 .
List out the inheritance styles in Django?
There are three possible inheritance styles in Django, and they are:
Proxy models : This style is mainly used for those who want to modify the Python level behaviour of the model, without modifying the model’s fields.

Abstract Base Classes : This inheritance style is used only when we want to make parent class hold the data which they don’t want to repeat it again in the child class.

Multi-table Inheritance : This inheritance style is used only when we want to subclass an existing model and there must a database table designed for each model on its own.