Python Interview Questions
What is a Class? How do you create it in Python?
A class is a blue print/ template of code /collection of objects that has same set of attributes and behaviour. To create a class use the keyword class followed by class name beginning with an uppercase letter. For example, a person belongs to class called Person class and can have the attributes (say first-name and last-name) and behaviours / methods (say showFullName()). A Person class can be defined as:

Syntax : 
class Person():
def inputName(self,fname,lname): self.fname=fname self.lastname=lastname
def showFullName() (self):
print(self.fname+" "+self.lname)person1 = Person() #object instantiation person1.inputName("Ratan","Tata") #calling a method inputName person1. showFullName() #calling a method showFullName()

Note : whenever you define a method inside a class, the first argument to the method must be self (where self – is a pointer to the class instance).