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Who became the chairman of the RAC of ICAR?
Neeraja Prabhakar
Dr Rajiv Bahl
B. L. Taneja
G. V. Satyavati

Correct Answer : Option (A) - Neeraja Prabhakar

B.Neeraja Prabhakar has been appointed as the Chairperson of the Research Advisory Committee (RAC) for the ICAR-Indian Institute of Oil Palm Research (IIOPR) located in Pedavegi, Andhra Pradesh.

This significant appointment, effective from June 13, will see Ms. Prabhakar leading a ten-member committee for a three-year term. With her extensive experience and expertise in the field, Ms. Prabhakar’s appointment is expected to contribute to the growth and development of the oil palm industry in India.

About Neeraja Prabhakar : Ms. B.Neeraja Prabhakar is the Vice-Chancellor of Sri Konda Laxman Telangana State Horticultural University. Her diverse background and in-depth knowledge of the horticulture sector have made her an ideal candidate for the position of Chairperson of the RAC for IIOPR. In addition to her new role, Ms. Prabhakar has previously served as a member of the Telangana Oil Palm Advisory Committee, where she provided valuable insights and recommendations for the cultivation and promotion of oil palm in the state.

The Significance of the Research Advisory Committee : The Research Advisory Committee (RAC) plays a crucial role in guiding and advising the ICAR-Indian Institute of Oil Palm Research (IIOPR) on research and development initiatives. As the only dedicated institute in India for oil palm research, IIOPR aims to develop cutting-edge technologies applicable to all oil palm growing states. The RAC, led by Ms. Prabhakar, will provide strategic direction, review research proposals, evaluate ongoing projects, and offer valuable insights to ensure the institute’s research activities are aligned with the industry’s needs.

Focus on Oil Palm Research in India : Oil palm cultivation in India has gained significant importance in recent years due to its economic and nutritional value. Telangana, in particular, has emerged as a leading state in terms of oil extraction from oil palm kernels. With Ms. Prabhakar’s involvement in the Telangana Oil Palm Advisory Committee, her appointment as RAC Chairperson brings added expertise and understanding of the specific challenges and opportunities faced by the region.  The state aims to expand oil palm cultivation to 20 lakh acres in the near future with a target of reaching at least 10 lakh acres over the next four years.

Published On : July 10, 2023