What is the name of the third corporate passenger train of India?
Kashi Vishwanath Express
Kashi Indore Express
Tejas Express
Kashi Mahakal Express

Correct Answer : Option (D) - Kashi Mahakal Express

The subsidiary of Indian Railways, IRCTC is set to launch its third corporate passenger train Kashi Mahakal Express on the Varanasi-Indore Route. It is a premium train to be run by IRCTC, that will connect three temples namely Omkareshwar temple near Indore, Mahakaleshwar temple of Ujjain and Kashi Vishwanath temple of Varanasi.
After Tejas Express trains, which are being run on the Lucknow-Delhi and Ahmedabad-Mumbai routes, this is the third private train which will be operated to connect religious places of Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh.

Published On : July 16, 2021