Explain new Form input types in HTML5.
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HTML5 has 14 new forms input types :
Date : This is a Date picker, we can pick a date by using type = “date”.

Week : This is a Week picker, we can pick a week by using type = “week”.

Month : This is a Month picker, we can pick a month by using type = “month”.

Time : This is a Time picker, we can pick the time by using type = “time”.

Datetime : This is a combined date and time, we can pick the combination of date and time by using type = “datetime”.

Datetime-local : A combined local date and time, we can pick the combination of local date and time using type = “DateTime-local”.

Email : Allows one or more Email Addresses, we can enter multiple email addresses using type = “email”.
Tel : Allows different phone numbers around the world. A phone number is validated by the client-side. We can enter a phone number using type = “tel”.

Search : Allows to search queries by input text. We can enter multiple queries using type = “search”.

Number : Allows inserting a numerical value with additional attributes such as min, max. etc., and we can enter multiple numerical values using type = “number”.

Url :  A url input type, that is used for the web address. In a single url, we can use multiple attributes using type = “url”.

Color : Allows to select multiple colors, we can pic multiple color using type = “color”.

Range : Allows to insert a numerical value within a specific range, Range is similar to the number but it is much specific. We can enter a numerical value within a range using type = “range”.

Placeholder : Allows to display a short hint (usually in a light color) in the input fields, before we enter the value. We can write a short hint in the input field by using type = “placeholder”.