Main Method
Public static void main(String[] args)
Public:- To provide access permission to the jvm declare main is publc.
Static :- To provide direct access permission to the jvm declare main is static(with out creation of object able to access main method)
Void:- don’t return any values to the JVM.
String[] args:- used to take command line arguments(the arguments passed from command prompt)
String-----represents possible to take any type of argument.
[ ]---------represent possible to take any number of arguments.
Modifications on main():-
1) instead of : public static
Possible to take : static public 

2) the fallowing declarations are valied
string[] args
String args[]
String []args 

3) instead of : args
possible to take : any variable name (a,b,c........etc) 

4) insted of : String[] args
 possible to take : String args(only three dots represent variable argument ) 

5) the applicable modifiers are
a. public
 b. static
c. final
d. strictfp
e. synchronized
Which of the fallowing declarations are valied:-
public static void main(String[] args)-------valied
public static void main(String... a)---------valied
public static int main(String... args)-------invalied
static public void mian(String a[])----------valied
final public static void mian(String[] b)---valied
final strictfp public static void main(String[] c)-----valied
final strictfp synchronized public static void main(String...a)-------valied
main method program
class sup
final strictfp synchronized static public void main(String...a) 
Output :