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Current Affairs - 2019
International Romani Day is observed annually on _____
6th April
7th April
8th April
9th April

Correct Answer : Option (C) - 8th April

April 8th is celebrated as International Romani Day. On International Roma Day 2019, the (ERCC) European Roma Rights Centre brings into limelight the grave fact about the 6 million Romani people (living in the EU, European Union) and 4 million living in the enlargement region (Montenegro, Serbia, North Macedonia, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo and Turkey) who till date remains the most underprivileged ethnic group of Europe.Romanis, till this day and age, continue to face discrimination on grounds of race, ethnicity, health care, education, employment, public services and social services. The day was initiated during the fourth World Romani Congress of the International Romani Union (IRU) in 1990 to honour the first major international meeting of Romani representatives.

Published On : July 11, 2021