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Terms and Conditions

Free Time Learn ( & websites contains the terms and conditions that permits the following uses:

Copy Rights

If any of the user abuse this website in any way, then the owner of this webiste have the right to terminate their usage because they did't follow the rules.

The user access to and use of the service is conditioned on the user acceptance of and compliance with these terms that means the user should accept the guidelines of behavior on this website which are applicable to all visitors, users and others who access this website.

Conditions of Use :
  • Educational purpose
  • To gain Personal knowledge
  • Non-commercial use
  • Personal Use
  • Private learning
  • To save,download,print for personal use and educational purpuse which is non-commercial.
  • Teachers may make a print-out or photocopy and teach to children in Institutes.
Conditions of Non-Use :

The material that is present in this website "Free Time Learn" should not be copied and should not be used in any other personal webiste without the permision of the owner of this website.

Commercial exploitation of the information and the materials on this Free Time Learn is prohibited.

The following contents of this website should not be copied illegally.

  • Name of the website.
  • Logo in the website.
  • The content in the material and tutorials and ebooks.
  • The images and videos of the website.
  • Links in this website.
  • Projects should not be copied.