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How To Create A Website

Website helps us to reach customers in an easy manner irrespective of geographical limitations. It helps to promote sales through online and offline.

Present we are using responsive websites, Responsive websites are those which will adjust to screen size automatically ex: (Computer, Tablet and Mobile). We need to know html, css, Javascript to create a responsive website. It's mandatory to learn the aboue technologies to create a responsive website.

First we will start creating a static website... later will go to a responsive website. It will be easier to create a responsive a website if we gain perfection in static websites.

Please follow the steps given below to create a complete of website.

Choose a template of your choice and split it to various divisions like header, menubar, content, footer,... after division we need to use html, css or javascript code to create a website.

Example Templates :
How To Divide Website
Another Example :
How To Divide Website