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Current Affairs - 2019
Which of the following city is to Vote through Ballot Papers in the Lok Sabha Election 2019?
Faizabad, Uttar Pradesh
Nizamabad, Telangana
Chennai, Tamil Nadu
Mumbai, Maharashtra

Correct Answer : Option (B) - Nizamabad, Telangana

The people of the Nizamabad in Telangana is to vote through Ballot Papers in the Lok Sabha Polls 2019, while the entire Country will vote in Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs). For the Lok Sabha Polls 2019 in the Nizamabad Lok Sabha seat, there are 185 candidates in contention. One EVM can accommodate only 16 candidates and a maximum of 4 EVMs can be used in one polling booth. Now, the Election Commission is forced to switch back to the practice of ballot papers. Of the 185 candidates in contention 178 are farmers who cultivate Turmeric and Jowar. They are contesting polls to highlight their demand for the remunerative price for their crops. The Nizamabad Lok Sabha Constituency had received around 200 nominations of these some were rejected and 189 candidates remained in contention after the scrutiny of nomination papers. Of these 4 candidates withdrew their nomination papers.

Published On : July 11, 2021