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AWS Interview Questions
Even though the underlying infrastructure appears healthy, Beanstalk is able to detect if the application isn’t responding on the custom link. It then logs the situation as an environmental event, which can then be checked in detail and thus, acted upon.
AWS Elastic Beanstalk apps have a built-in system for avoiding underlying infrastructure failures. The Beanstalk uses the Auto Scaling feature to automatically launch a new instance in case an Amazon EC2 instance fails.
The automatic rollback on error feature is enabled when one of the resources in a stack can’t be created successfully in AWS OpsWorks. The feature results in the deletion of all the successfully created AWS resources until the point of the occurrence of the error.
Doing so ensures that no error-causing data is left behind as well as abiding by the principle that the stacks are either created completely or not created at all.
The automatic rollback on error feature is useful especially in cases where one might unknowingly exceed the limit of the total number of Elastic IP addresses or does not have access to the EC2 AMI.
Lifecycle hooks help to add wait time before launch or termination of an instance for extraction of log files or installation of necessary software respectively.
API tools such as API Fortress, Scripting languages like Perl and hybrid cloud management tools like Scarl are few such automation gears helpful for Spin Up Services.
Any security group that regulates traffic among instances and various AWS resources is a Stateful firewall.
A Stateless firewall is an Access Control List on a network at the subnet level and can allow or deny traffic based on rules.
It is a Data Firehouse that can help in stacking information in Information Stores or devices without the need for a continuous organization.
Amazon Lightsail is a service that helps to build and manage websites and applications faster and with ease. It provides easy-to-use virtual private server instances, storage, and databases cost-effectively. Not just that, you can create and delete development sandboxes using this service, which will help to test new ideas without taking any risk.
It is known as Amazon Elastic Container Registry (ECR). It provides high-performance hosting so that you can store your application images securely in ECR. Amazon ECS compresses and encrypts images and controls access to images. The images can be simply stored in containers; also, they can be accessed from the containers without the support of any management tools.
Amazon EFS is a simple and serverless Elastic File System. It allows adding or removing files on the file system without provisioning and management. This service creates file systems using EC2 launch instance wizard, EFS Console, CLI, and API. You can reduce costs significantly since accessed files will be moved automatically over a period.
It is a purpose-built graph database that helps execute queries with easy navigation on datasets. Here, you can use graph query languages to execute queries, which will perform effectively on connected datasets. Moreover, Amazon Neptune’s graph database engine can store billions of relationships and query the graph with milliseconds latency. This service is mainly used in fraud detection, knowledge graphs, and network security.