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XML Interview Questions
* Since it is applied for user-defined transformations to an XML document, XSLT makes it simple to merge XML data into the presentation, and the output can be XML, HTML, or might be any other structured document.

* Xpath is a feature of XSLT that allows you to address elements/attributes within an XML document.

* XSLT is a template-based language.
XML can be integrated into any possible data format, from text and numbers to multimedia such as sound and images to active formats such as Java Applets or ActiveX Components.
We cannot include conditional statement as like programming language.
<foo if{DB}="A">bar</foo>
This can be done by using Document Type Definition(DTD).
<xsl:if test="@foo=’bar’">

<xsl:text>Hello, world!</xsl:text>

XLink is the standard way of creating hyperlinks in the XML files. Xpointer which allows those hyperlinks to point to more specific parts of the XML file or document.
XSL consists of three parts  :
XSLT : Used to transform XML documents
XPath : Used for navigating in XML documents
XSL-FO : Used for formatting XML documents
To import XML file data in tally, follow the below steps.
Step 1 : Once you open Tally, you will be welcomed with the StartUp page.
Step 2 : Now, press ‘L’ to login as ‘Remote Tally User’ to import your data.
Step 3 : You will be prompted with Login Screen, log in with user ID and password.
Step 4 : On logging in, you will see ‘Gateway of Tally’ to your screen’s right.
Step 5 : Under ‘Masters’ select, ‘Account Info.’
Step 6 : Under ‘Company Info’, ‘Select Company’, you want to import the XML file.
Step 7 : Under ‘Company’, select the company to which you want to import your data; let’s call the ‘Company’ as ‘xyz’.
Step 8 : Now, login to ‘xyz.’
Step 9 : Under Gateway of Tally, Select ‘Accounts Info’ under ‘Masters
Step 10 : Now select ‘trial balance’ as we wanted to update it.
Step 11 : Select ‘Outstandings
Step 12 : Now, under Types of Vouchers, select ‘Stock Journal’ as we would like to import the XML file of Stock Journal data.
Step 13 : Stock Journal by default will be zero, and now select ‘Import Data’ under ‘Utilities’.
Step 14 : Select ‘Vouchers’ under ‘Import Data
Step 15 : Now, a pop-up screen will appear, now enter the file location of XML as in your pc. Example: C://Downloads\Tally.XML
Step 16 : Done!
Web services are web application components.
Web services can be published, found, and used on the Web.
* WSDL stands for Web Services Description Language
* WSDL is an XML-based language for describing Web services.
* WSDL is a W3C recommendation

* SOAP stands for Simple Object Access Protocol
* SOAP is an XML based protocol for accessing Web Services.
* SOAP is based on XML
* SOAP is a W3C recommendation

* RDF stands for Resource Description Framework
* RDF is a framework for describing resources on the web
* RDF is written in XML
* RDF is a W3C Recommendation

* RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication
* RSS allows you to syndicate your site content
* RSS defines an easy way to share and view headlines and content
* RSS files can be automatically updated
* RSS allows personalized views for different sites
* RSS is written in XML