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XPath Interview Questions
The normalize-space function strips white-space from a string to replace sequences of whitespace characters with a single space and return the resulting string.
* The top-level elements don't have any effect on the behaviour of XSLT elements.
* The functions that are defined with it also don't have any affect in the document.
* The top-level elements are not permitted to be used by specifying the xsl:apply templates.
* XSLT process is provided to ignore the top-level elements and ignore some of it if an error occurs.
* XSLT top-element element doesn't recognize the namespace URI and can be provided using other sources.
The XPath string functions specify some rules which are used to get strings according to your preferences.
An XPath query allows you to select nodes from a document by applying expressions. For example, you can ask for all of the elements with a “text” tag and then filter by opening tags.
An XPath query is more complex than an XPath location path because it requires some form of logic or searches to identify what nodes are desired. Queries use full expressions that result in boolean values – true/false – which return nodes when the condition is satisfied.
There are five types of operators :
Arithmetic Operators : These include + (addition), – (subtraction), and *(multiplication).

Comparison Operators : These include =, >, >=, <=.

Logical Operators : these generally occur in a conditional statement such as “if” or “else.” They also return boolean values.

Text Operators : these operators are used to return text values, such as “text(), substring()”.

XPath Functions : These allow you to apply a function to the nodes that meet certain criteria. For example: length().