The 8th edition of the Exercise Mitra Shakti-21 will be held from October 04 to 15, 2021. It is a bilateral exercise of the Indian Army with the army of which country?
Sri Lanka

Correct Answer : Option (C) - Sri Lanka

Note :

The 8th Edition of IndiaSri Lanka Joint Military Exercise ‘Mitra Shakti’ will be conducted in Sri Lanka from 4th to 15th of October this year. An all arms contingent of 120 personnel of the Indian Army will participate in the exercise along with a battalion of the Sri Lankan Army. Defence Ministry said, the aim of the exercise is to promote close relations between Armies of both countries and enhance inter-operability and sharing best practices in counter insurgency and counter terrorism operations.

The exercise will involve tactical level operations at sub-unit level in an international counter-insurgency and counter-terrorism environment and will go a long way in further strengthening the relationship between both the South Asian Nations. This will also act as a catalyst in bringing synergy and cooperation at grass root level between both Armies.

Published On : October 3, 2021

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