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When is World Heart Day observed?
September 30th
September 29th
September 28th
September 28th

Correct Answer :   September 29th

World Heart Day is celebrated every year on September 29th. It is organized by World Heart Federation to raise awareness about Cardiovascular disease (CVD).
According to the official website of World Heart Federation, CVD is accountable for nearly half of all non-communicable diseases (NCD) deaths making it the world’s number one killer. "World Heart Day is, therefore, the perfect platform for the CVD community to unite in the fight against CVD and reduce the global disease burden," it added.
World Heart Day History : 
According to Britannica, World Heart Federation, along with World Health Organization (WHO), announced the establishment of World Heart Day, in 1999. It further added that earlier (till 2011), World Heart Day was celebrated on last Sunday of September, with first celebration taking place on 24 September 2000.

Published On : September 29, 2021