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Which day in the year is celebrated as the World Bamboo Day?
15 September
16 September
17 September
18 September

Correct Answer : Option (D) - 18 September

World Bamboo Day is observed every year on 18 September to raise awareness of the benefits of bamboo and to promote its use in everyday products.
Every year, World Bamboo Day is celebrated with a specific theme. The day also focuses on the proper utilization of bamboo. As a responsible citizen, it is our duty to preserve the natural resources. Especially, when it is highly utilized for human good. The advantages of bamboo are emphasized on this day and people are motivated to use it in everyday commodities.
World Bamboo Organization (WBO) stresses on the importance of planting bamboo plants.
The World Bamboo Day 2021 is celebrated with the theme of ''#PlantBamboo, it is Time To Plant Bamboo''.
One must always remember the Japanese proverb: 'The bamboo that bends is stronger than the oak that resists."

Published On : September 18, 2021