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Which state has Highest Installed Grid-interactive Renewable Power Capacity in India?
Madhya Pradesh

Correct Answer :   Karnataka

Karnataka came at the top position while comparing the total installed capacity of grid-interactive renewable power of all the states of the country.

* The Karnataka state had a total installed capacity of 15,463 megawatts (mw), according to an RBI publication.
* Tamil Nadu, with 15,225 mw, came at the second; Gujarat, with 13,153 mw, was at third position while Maharashtra, with 10,267 mw, was at the fourth, according to Handbook of Statistics on Indian States 2021-22, which was the seventh edition of its statistical publication, released by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI).

* Through this publication, the Reserve Bank has been disseminating wide-ranging data on the regional economies of India.
* Data for the calculation of state-wise total installed capacity of grid interactive renewable power had been sourced through Energy Statistics from the Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation and the states’ figures of installed capacity was till the end of March 2021.
* Maharashtra was followed by Rajasthan (10,205 mw), Andhra Pradesh (8,969 mw), Madhya Pradesh (5,206 mw), Telangana (4,378 mw), Uttar Pradesh (3,879 mw), Punjab (1,617 mw) and Himachal Pradesh (988 mw) and Uttarakhand (713 mw) in that order.
* According to the RBI statement, renewable power includes power from various sources namely bio-power, solar power, small hydro power, waste to energy and wind power.
* On Saturday(19th Nov 2022), the Reserve Bank of India released the seventh edition of its statistical publication titled ‘Handbook of Statistics on Indian States 2021-22’..

Source : The Print

Published On : November 22, 2022