Assignment Operators In C Language
In C program values for the variables are assigned using assignment operators. The most common assignment operator is ‘=’ this operator assign (copy) the right side value to the left side variable.
  Example :
var =5;  //5 is assigned to var
a=c;   //value of c is assigned to a
5=c;   // Error! 5 is a constant.
Operators Symbol Example Explanation
Simple Assignment Operator = Sum=10 10 is assigned to variable sum
Compound Assignment Operators += Sum+=10 This is same as sum=sum+10
-= Sum-=10 This is same as sum=sum-10
*= Sum*=10 This is same as sum=sum*10
/= Sum/=10 This is same as sum=sum/10
%= Sum%=10 This is same as sum=sum%10
  Program : A program to illustrate the use of Assignment Operators.
int main()      
int total=0,i;
	for (i=0;i<10;i++)    
printf(“total=%d”, total);
Output :

Total= 45

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