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HTML Formatting
HTML formatting tags use for formatting a text style. It will become necessary to make minor changes to the formatting of those elements. The following HTML tags are used to format the appearance of the text on your web page.
Tag Example Results
<b> <b>Bold Text</b> An example of Bold Text
<big> <big>Big Text</big> An example of Big Text
<center> <center>Center Text</center> An example of 
Center Text
<em> <em>Emphasized Text</em> An example of Emphasized Text
<i> <i>Italic Text</i> An example of Italic Text
<small> <small>Small Text</small> An example of Small Text
<strong> <strong>Strong Text</strong> An example of Strong Text
<sub> <sub>Subscript Text</sub> An example of Subscript Text
<sup> <sup>Superscript Text</sup> An example of Superscript Text
<del>Delete Text</del>
<s>Strike Text</s>
<strike>Strike Text</strike>
An example of Delete Text
An example of Strike Text
An example of Strike Text
<u> <u>Underline Text</u> An example of Underline Text
<tt> <tt>Teletype Text</tt> An example of Teletype Text
<blockquote> <blockquote>Long Quotation</blockquote>
<q>Short Quotation Text</q>
An example of Long Quotation Text
An example of Short Quotation Text
    <title>HTML FORMATTING</title>
    <div style="font-size:16px; line-height:26px;">
            <b>Bold Text</b><br>
            <i>Italic Text</i><br>
            <strong>Strong Text</strong>
            <em>Emphasized Text</em><br>
            <big>Big Text</big><br>
            <small>Small Text</small><br>
            <center>Center Text</center><br>
            <sub>Subscript Text</sub><br>
            <sup>Superscript Text</sup><br>
            <del>Delete Text</del><br>
<s>Strike Text</s><br>
<strike>Strike Text</strike><br>
            <u>Underline Text</u><br>
            <tt>Teletype Text</tt><br>
            <blockquote>Long Quotation</blockquote>
<q>Short Quotation Text</q>
Output :
HTML Structure