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Microsoft Azure Interview Questions
A cmdlet is a lightweight command that can be used as a part of the Microsoft Azure PowerShell environment. The cmdlets are summoned by the Azure PowerShell that automates the script, which is in the command line. Azure PowerShell runtime additionally invokes them automatically through Azure PowerShell APIs.
Cspack is a command-line tool, which is used to generate a service package file. It helps us to prepare an application for deployment, either in compute emulator or Microsoft Windows Azure.
The two types of blobs in Azure are :
* Block Blob
* Page Blob
az vm create `   
--resource-group myResourceGroup `   
--name myVM --image win2016datacenter `   
--admin-username Azure  
--admin-password Admin123! 
It is a cloud search-as-a-service solution that delegates server and infrastructure management to Microsoft, leaving us with a ready-to-use service that we can populate with our data and then use to add search to our web or mobile application. Azure search allows us to easily add a robust search experience to our applications using a simple REST API or .NET SDK without managing search infrastructure or becoming an expert in search.
Options for storing data includes :
* Azure files
* OS drive
* Scale set
* Temp drive
* Azure data service
* External data service
Majorly, two types of services you can build on Service Fabric :
Stateless Services : No state is stored in the service. The longer-term state is stored in an external database. This is the typical application/data layer approach to build services.

Stateful Services : The state is stored in the service. Allows the state to persist without the need for an external database.
It is a command-line tool that deploys a packaged application to the Windows Azure compute emulator and manages the running service.
Block blobs are comprised of blocks, each of which is identified by a block ID.
You create or modify a block blob by uploading a set of blocks and committing them by their block IDs.
If you are uploading a block blob that is no more than 64 MB in size, you can also upload it in its entirety with a single Put Blob operation. -Each block can be a maximum of 4 MB in size. The maximum size for a block blob in version 2009-09-19 is 200 GB or up to 50,000 blocks.
Page blobs are a collection of pages. A page is a range of data that is identified by its offset from the start of the blob. To create a page blob, you initialize the page blob by calling Put Blob and specifying its maximum size.
-The maximum size for a page blob is 1 TB. A page written to a page blob may be up to 1 TB in size.
what to use block blobs for streaming video. “The application must provide random read/write access” which is supported by Page Blobs
Windows Azure supports two types of queue mechanisms : Windows Azure Queues and Service Bus Queues.
Windows Azure Queues, which are part of the Windows Azure storage infrastructure, feature a simple REST-based Get/Put/Peek interface, providing reliable, persistent messaging within and between services.

Service Bus Queues are part of a broader Windows Azure messaging infrastructure dead-letters queuing as well as publish/subscribe, Web service remoting, and integration patterns.