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What are the advantages of cloud computing?
There are several advantages of cloud computing which are as follows : 

* The main advantages of cloud computing systems are reduced operational and IT maintenance costs and faster development, leading to improved time to market products and services.

* There is infinite storage capacity and high availability. 
* Cloud computing systems allow for rapid application development without businesses worrying about their infrastructure, software, and hardware requirements.

* They are highly available which increases its end users to get benefited by every inch.

* The system is capable of tolerating fault of a single part and overcomes it by remaining completely functional.

* The service allows you to pay only when the system is in use. You can easily reallocate the system when you use them and get saved from the charge.

* The system has brought into light the payment for the operation rather than the investment in the machines.

* Cloud systems are cost-efficient, flexible, and secure. The failover and backup processes are straightforward.