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5 Best AI-Based Tools For Remote Workers
Leona Max

Publisher : Leona Max

5 Best AI-Based Tools For Remote Workers

The rapid growth of remote work has sparked the emergence of AI-powered tools that are specially designed to enhance productivity and collaboration. These innovative solutions have revolutionized the way remote workers operate and also enables them to overcome challenges and easily streamline their workflows.
In this article, we will explore five essential AI tools that have become invaluable for remote workers. These tools will empower them to stay connected, productive, and efficient in their work.

5 Best AI-Based Tools For Remote Workers

1. ProofHub

ProofHub is an easy-to-use project management software that provides everything that can help to manage their work, communication, and projects. Remote workers can also use this tool in terms of managing time and project tracking, and also beneficial for sharing files.

5 Best AI-Based Tools For Remote Workers

It offers various features such as Gantt charts, custom reports, and project templates that help teams to stay organized and productive. It is widely used by businesses of all sizes, including remote teams, to streamline their project management processes and improve team collaboration.

Key Features : Here are some key features of ProofHub.

* It helps you to create to-do lists, assign tasks, and track progress

* You can also track their time spent on tasks

* It also reviews and approves files online with version control

* It provides Gantt charts, which let you visualize project timelines, dependencies, and milestones

* It also allows you to see all your tasks and events in a calendar view.

2. Paraphraser

Paraphraser is also another useful tool that can help remote workers such as writers and bloggers by quickly paraphrasing text without having to spend time finding different words and rephrasing the content on their own.
They can use Paraphraser (a.k.a paraphrasing tool) to improve their writing tone and make it readable and plagiarism-free. The algorithms of this tool work using AI that helps to make changes in the content without disturbing the real meaning.

5 Best AI-Based Tools For Remote Workers

It is a freemium tool that you can also use for free with a 600-word limit. It also provides six different modes, i.e., Fluency, Standard, Word Changer, Creative, Smarter, and Shorten. Not only that, but you can also take benefit of this tool to avoid plagiarism in their content and make it unique.

Key Features : Here are some key features of this online paraphrasing tool are :

* Free to start with 600 words

* Available in 22 languages

* Provides six different AI paraphrasing modes

* Accurately paraphrases text without changing the main text’s intent

* Allows you to download the paraphrased text in a DOC file for future use

* Provides a 24/7 live chatbot

3. Evernote

Evernote is note-taking software (desktop and mobile) application that helps remote workers to create and organize their digital notes. They can also sync all their files and notes quickly from any device. It allows them to share notes with others, create to-do lists, and set reminders, which can help to stay active and complete their tasks before deadlines.

5 Best AI-Based Tools For Remote Workers

It is also a freemium application that you can also use for free (basic plan) but with some restrictions. The good thing about this tool is you can download it on their mobile phones as well as on their computers/laptops.

Key Features :  Here are some useful key features that Evernote offers.

* It also offers a free plan with some restrictions

* You can use Evernote on any device and operating system (OS)

* It allows you to create to-do lists, save notes digitally, and many more

* It also provides a Web Clipper browser extension to capture anything from anywhere (on the browser)

* Evernote can be used offline on mobile devices

4. Check-Plagiarism

The next AI tool on our list is Check-Plagiarism. It is an online tool that can help workers like SEO persons and webmasters to check the originality of their work before publishing it online.

Plagiarism sometimes occurs from the end of the writers when they use someone else content without giving credit. In this situation, Check-Plagiarism will help them identify plagiarism in the text and also provides a detailed report that you can download and send to your remote writer and ask them to remove the plagiarized section from the content (if any).

5 Best AI-Based Tools For Remote Workers

It is also a freemium tool that you can use for free but with 1,000-word limits. It gives a report with a percentage (as discussed previously) of how much plagiarism is in the content. Apart from that, the checker also gives the original source from where the text is taken or matched.

Key Features : Moving on, let's check out the key features of Check-Plagiarism.

* Free to start with a 1,000-word limit

* Provides multiple options to import/upload the text

Supports 14 languages

* Provides some other useful tools, like Grammar Check, Paraphrasing Tool, Text Summarizer, and Citation Generator.

* Provides the option of Deep Search, which will do an in-depth search and find any plagiarism.

* Finds and provide source links from where the text is matched, which will help to cite the information.

5. Copy AI

Copy AI is an online writing assistant tool that can help to write any type of content 10x faster. As a remote worker, whether you are working on writing emails, blogs, or social media content, Copy AI can help you with that. It is a very effective tool in a way if you want to create human-like emails or content that you can use for different purposes.

5 Best AI-Based Tools For Remote Workers

It is a freemium writing assistant that doesn’t demand credit card information or offer free trials. There are no limits to using this AI assistant for free. However, some of its specific features will only be accessible in its premium version.

Key Features : Now, let's take a look at the key features of Copy AI.

* Free to use

* Available in more than 25 languages

* Helps to create high-quality and engaging emails, blogs, or any content in seconds

* Provides a word processor on the right side, where you can type or write any important information

* Offers 42 different templates that you can use for free

* You can also use some of its other useful tools in one place

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, the rapid growth of remote work has led to the emergence of AI-powered tools designed to enhance productivity. The five essential AI tools discussed in this article—ProofHub, Paraphraser, Evernote, Check-Plagiarism, and Copy AI—offer remote workers valuable functionalities to streamline project management, improve writing quality, organize notes, ensure content originality, and accelerate the content creation process.

By leveraging these AI tools, remote workers can optimize their efficiency, communication, and overall work performance in virtual environments.