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Top 10 Cross-Platform HEIC to PDF Converters for Free
April Cole

Publisher : April Cole

Top 10 Cross-Platform HEIC to PDF Converters for Free

HEIC (High-Efficiency Image File Format) became a popular photo format due to its smart compression algorithm and high image quality. However, this photo file format is not universally acceptable by all platforms and devices.
If you want to make HEIC more accessible,  you ought to turn it into a widely acceptable format like PDF. It can be easily done with the assistance of HEIC to PDF converter sources. In this article, we are going to show you the best cross-platform tools that lets you save heic as pdf format without any cost.

Why Convert HEIC to PDF?

Before exploring these converters, let's go-through why converting heic file to pdf is essential. PDF developed by Adobe Systems that are highly compatible across different devices, programs, and operating systems. They work tremendously for maintaining the quality of the original HEIC photos and are easy to view and share. By transforming HEIC into PDF format, you entirely ensure that your photos can be assessed swiftly and easily, even also appreciated by a broader audience.

Now let's find some platforms that offer the best HEIC to PDF converter that takes a matter of seconds to convert your HEIC Apple photos to PDF without compromising the quality.

Apowersoft :

Apowersoft provides you with a user-friendly online HEIC file to PDF converter that works best on both Windows and macOS. All you need to do is upload your HEIC photos, choose the desired settings, and convert them into editable and high quality PDFs with ease.

Zamzar :

Get this well-known online file transformation service that lets you change HEIC to PDF format quickly. You can find that it lets you proceed exporting HEIC as PDF on macOS, windows, and other operating systems. With a simple and clear interface, you can swiftly convert your APple HEIC files to PDFs for free of cost.

Theonlineconverter :

This is the instant web-based solution that offers an easy to use and best version of HEIC to PDF converter online. No huge human intervention is involved, just three simple steps involved to convert one or multiple HEIC files to PDFs.

PDF2Go :

PDF2GO is the fastest platform that provides the best converter to make heic file to pdf conversions without any software installation. It lets you make conversions from HEIC file to PDF on all major operating systems including macos, windows, and linux. In addition to that, it functions to make basic edits with swift features.

iLoveIMG :

The most reliable web-based utility that offers full-fledged online HEIC to PDF converter. It is a cross-platform source that offers batch conversion features, this means you can change multiple HEIC photos at once into PDFs.

Online2PDF :

Online2PDF is the most perfect and versatile online conversion source that lets you handle various file formats, including HEIC to PDF. You can use this online tool on Linux, Windows, and macOS for transforming HEIC into PDF easily.

EasePDF :

If you are seeking for an online source that offers a wide range of PDF-related tools, then this is the perfect source for you people. It offers an online file converter that creates straight-forward HEIC photos to pdfs transformation without any hassle.

PDFCandy :

PDFCandy is another web-based service that is loaded with the best tool to make desiccated HEIC to PDF conversion. It provides you straight-forward conversions on all known operating systems including macOS, Windows, and Linux.

Aconvert :

Start using this online simple and effective online HEIC to PDF converter source that allow you to make high quality conversions. The upside is that it is always accessible from multiple platforms and devices.

FileStar :

This is indicated as a versatile software application that lets you proceed conversions on macOS, Windows, and linux. It functions to change HEIC files to PDFs and entertains you with additional features including batch processing, and editing for files.

Choosing the Right Converter

Choosing the right HECI to PDF converter mainly depends on your needs that includes operating systems you’re using, the volume of files conversion, certain features you may require. So, prior to sticking with any tool, you should have to consider the following factors:

1. Platform Compatibility :

You ought to make sure that the selected converter is compatible with your operating systems, no matter whether it's macOS, Linux, or Windows.

2. Conversion Speed :

The speed at which your file converter processes files can be immensely important, especially if you have a bulk number of HEIC files.

3. Batch Processing :

If you want to export multiple HEIC photos as PDFs at once, you ought to get a HEIC to PDF converter that offers batch processing capabilities.

4. Additional Features :

There are some tools available that are packed with extra features including editing, compression, or document merging. If these features matter to you, then you ought to choose the converter that is loaded with them.

5. Ease of Use :

You should have to make a selection to the converter that is packed with a simple and easy to navigate UI. This will save your time and effort and make swift HEIC to PDF conversions.

Conclusion :

HEIC file to PDF conversion is a patent need, especially if you want to share or archiving your HEIC photos. The above-mentioned cross-platform HEIC to PDF converters lets you make conversions for free on all major platforms and devices. No matter how frequently you want to save HEIC as PDF, these tools work perfectly. Good Luck!