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Augmented Reality Interview Questions
The 2021 Entertainment industry believes the fact that AR is a substantial marketing opportunity as the entertainment brands can mix their branded content well with the characters the audience likes the most. Those characters may either be revolutionary, analytical, idealistic, or humorous and may be selected upon the level of interest shown by the audience in real-time. There are many entertainment apps using the model of Augmented Reality Technology, but the famous ones are Snapchat, Google Lens, and Augment. Each of the apps can curatively augment the entertainment with its eye-gazing filters, stickers, lenses, and user-friendly emoticons. All these options can actively represent the moments you share with your families and friends. Besides, the experts of the 2021 entertainment industry believe in incorporating the chronological storylines of these entertainment applications more augmenting the reality of entertainment much more frequently. Either they are traveling to places or attending some comedy shows, it is feasible for them to produce content and mix it well with their marketing campaigns anytime, anywhere. What they need to keep in mind while creating the content is object orientation in real-time. If the same isn’t given proper attention, then it will create a negative impact on their motto with which they are spreading awareness about products whose qualities are yet to be discovered by the accounts of premium users.
Travel ‘N’ Tourism is all about managing the customers or travelers who will be exploring every nook of their destination with the accommodations arranged by a travel agent or a tour operator. However, if the travel services aren’t offered to the customers on time, it may decelerate the revenue growth generated by travel companies by leaps and bounds. Keeping this in mind, various agencies and hotels are using AR-based travel apps for helping their customers explore their destinations without compromising on the quality of transportation and food venues with interactive dish menus mapping the eating choices of travelers well. A few travel apps used by the agencies and hotels that showcase Augmented Reality are World Around Me, Smartify, ViewRanger, AR City. Whether you are trying harder to locate transportation, gas stations, ATMs, temples, or excited about scanning the brochures of agencies/ travel companies offering accommodations at pocket-friendly rates, any of these apps will help you identify what you are actually looking for! Thanks to these Augmented Reality-based applications which contain all the necessary details about the routes, method of transportation you may be familiar with, and some hotel accommodations booked after you narrowed your choices down. Now, you need not leave your beds and feel tense while learning more about the local attractions coming amidst your destinations.
Augmented Reality is willing to engage with teachers and other educators like college professors so that students of all age groups can deeply absorb the learnings of the subjects included in their curriculum. The subjects are either related to science, mathematics, music, or psychology and their concepts are explained well at lesser expenses since the infrastructure isn’t demanded by AR Technology. Anytime and anywhere, without any additional equipment, students can learn a new language like German, Spanish, or French with Mondly (their AR language assistant). Or, if they want to explore volcanoes and terrains located at the geological nodes of planet Earth in a fun and engaging manner, Google Earth (an AR-based application) provides search capabilities to students for zooming, rotating, or tilting the three-dimensional views surrounding our planet. In addition, they can access a larger collection of imagery including aerial, street views, and satellite images. Such apps supporting Augmented Reality are compatible with various versions of Android and iOS so that teachers can smoothly impart knowledge and students can enrich their learning experience at lesser hustles. Thus, students (or kids too) won’t be stopping themselves from accessing such freedom while learning, thereby managing their time effectively and sharpening their skills through such advantageous Augmented digital platforms. 
Public Safety simply means protecting the public from calamities, crimes, and other unknown dangers which can harm the public potentially. Whether you are working for a customer service sector or engaged with some drug enforcement agency, safety is something on which you can’t compromise. The app creators of KOVA corp have understood this and, as a result, launched an AR-based application, Silent Partner, which immediately and securely captures photos or videos of unexpected events like disasters from your smartphones. Later, you (or the public safety officials or police officials) can transmit those videos or pictures which are geotagged and retrieved easily anywhere. Besides, this application has a speech analysis functionality through which the voice content can be conveyed to investigators to safeguard the public. Another AR application (iOnRoad Augmented Driving Lite App) is for drivers, which uses GPS, sensors, and native cameras on their smartphones for detecting vehicles, so that drivers can be warned before the vehicle collides. Also, if, in case, the driver misses the collision notification, then an audio-visual warning pops to guide the drivers to apply brakes or reduce the speed of the car so that they may reach the predefined spots safely and on time. Such apps act as a powerful aid to responsible citizens involved with driving companies or police departments because their minds won’t think much about those plans which aren’t appropriate from the safety perspective of the public.