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Augmented Reality - Interview Questions
What are the Benefits or Advantages of Augmented Reality (AR)?
Following are the benefits or advantages of Augmented Reality (AR) :

* The AR system is highly interactive in nature and operates simultaneously with real time environment.

* It reduces line between real world and virtual world.

* It enhances perceptions and interactions with the real world.

* Due to its use in medical industry, life of patients have become safer. It helps in efficient diagnosis of diseases and in early detection of them.

* It can be used by anyone as per applications.

* It can save money by testing critical situations in order to confirm their success without actually implementing in real time. Once it is proven, it can be implemented in real world.

* It can be used by military people without putting their life in danger by way of battle field simulation before the actual war. This will also help them in actual war to take critical decisions.

* It can be applied to part of training programs as it makes things memorable and eye catching.