Java Applications
There are mainly 3 type of applications that can be created using java programming:
Standalone applications:-
1) Standalone applications are the java applications which don’t need the client server architecture.
2) The standalone applications applicable for the only one desktop hence it is called desktop applications or window based applications.
3) For the standalone applications doesn’t need internet connections.
4) It is a local application it doesn’t need any other external application support.
5) This type of the applications we can launch by using the command line or by using the executable jar.
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By using j2ee we are able to develop the web based applications.
Ex:- Gmail, yahoo mail, bank, reservation.........etc


1) Web applications are the java applications which needs client and server concept.
2) Web applications must need the internet connections to access the application.
3) The application which is present in the internet is called the web application.
4) Web application can be launched by using HTTP driven. HTTP request sent to the
Servlet present in the server side.
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The person who is sending the request is called client. All web browsers come under the clients.
Ex:- InternetExploral, MozillaFrefox, opera....etc


The server contains the applications. The main purpose of the server is
a. It will contain the application.
b. Take the request from the client.
c. Based on the taken request it will identify the project resource and execute that project resource.
d. By executing the project some response will be generated that response is dispatched to the client browser.
Ex:- Tomcat,GlassFish,WebLogic,JBOSS,WebSphere......etc


DataBase is used to store the details like client details, application details, registration details...etc.
Ex:- Oracle,MySql....etc

It is a Linux based mobile phone operating system used to develop the mobile applications that runs only on mobile devices.

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Server side techmologies :- (servlets,structs,spring,php,.net)
By using server side technologies we are able to prepare the applications these application only run on server side.

Servlets vs structs :-

Servlets is a technology used to develop the server side application and structs is a frame work it developed on the basis of the servelts.

Jdbc vs hibernate :-

Jdbc and hibernate is used to provide the connection between java application and data base. Jdbc is a technology and hibernate is a framework it is developed on the basis of the jdbc.

Frame work :-

Frame is a semi implemented component working with the frame works is very seay.