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Neural Networks - Interview Questions
Disadvantages of Artificial Neural Network(ANN)
Assurance of proper network structure :  There is no particular guideline for determining the structure of artificial neural networks. The appropriate network structure is accomplished through experience, trial, and error.
Unrecognized behavior of the network : It is the most significant issue of ANN. When ANN produces a testing solution, it does not provide insight concerning why and how. It decreases trust in the network.
Hardware dependence : Artificial neural networks need processors with parallel processing power, as per their structure. Therefore, the realization of the equipment is dependent.
Difficulty of showing the issue to the network : ANNs can work with numerical data. Problems must be converted into numerical values before being introduced to ANN. The presentation mechanism to be resolved here will directly impact the performance of the network. It relies on the user's abilities.
The duration of the network is unknown : The network is reduced to a specific value of the error, and this value does not give us optimum results.