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Quantum Computing - Interview Questions
Explain Some Applications of Quantum Computing.
There are the following applications of Quantum Computing :

Cybersecurity : Personal information is stored in computers in the current era of digitization. So, we need a very strong system of cybersecurity to protect data from stealing. Classical computers are good enough for cybersecurity, but the vulnerable threats and attacks weaken it. Scientists are working with quantum computers in this field. It is also found that it is possible to develop several techniques to deal with such cybersecurity threats via machine learning.

Cryptography is also a field of security where quantum computers are helping to develop encryption methods to deliver the packets onto the network safely. Such creation of encryption methods is known as Quantum Cryptography.

Weather Forecasting : Sometimes, the process of analyzing becomes too long to forecast the weather using classical computers. On the other hand, Quantum Computers have enhanced power to analyze, recognize the patterns, and forecast the weather in a short period and with better accuracy. Even quantum systems are able to predict more detailed climate models with perfect timings.

AI and Machine Learning : AI has become an emerging area of digitization. Many tools, apps, and features have been developed via AI and ML. As the days passing by, numerous applications are being developed. As a result, it has challenged the classical systems to match up accuracy and speed. But, Quantum computers can help to process such complex problems in less time for which a classical computer will take hundreds of years to solve those problems.

Drug Design and Development : Drug designing and development is a typical job to be done. It is because the development of drugs is based on trial and error method, which is expensive as well as risky tasks. It is also a challenging task for quantum computers too. It is the researcher's hope and belief that quantum computing can become an effective way of knowing the drugs and their reactions over human beings. The day when quantum computing will successfully become capable of drug development, it will save a lot of time and money for drug industries. Also, more drug discoveries could be made with better results for the pharmaceutical industries.

Finance Marketing : A finance industry can survive in the market only if it provides fruitful results to its customers. Such industries need unique and effective strategies to get growth. Although in conventional computers, the technique of Monte Carlo simulations is being used, in turn, it consumes a lot of time on the computer. However, if such complex calculations are performed by a quantum system, it will improve the quality of solutions and decrease development time.

Computational Chemistry : The superposition and entanglement properties of a quantum computer may provide superpowers to machines for successfully mapping the molecules. As a result, it opens several opportunities in the field of pharmaceuticals research. More massive problems that a quantum computer can handle include creating room-temperature superconductor, creating ammonia-based fertilizer, creating solid-state batteries, and removing CO2 (carbon dioxide) for a better climate, etc. Quantum computing will be the most prominent in the field of computational chemistry.

Logistics Optimization : Conventional Computing is being used for improving data analysis and robust modeling by enabling various industries to optimize their logistics and scheduling workflows associated with their supply-chain management. Such operating models continuously perform the calculations and recalculations for finding the optimal routes of fleet operations, air traffic control, and traffic management. Some of these operations can become complex and difficult for classical computers to solve. Thus, quantum computing can become an ideal computing solution to solve such complex problems. In quantum computing, two approaches are used, which are :

* Quantum Annealing : It is an advanced optimization technique that can surpass the classical computers.

* Universal Quantum Computers : It is capable of finding solutions for all types of computational problems. But, such a type of quantum system will take time to be commercially available. Researchers are hopefully working to enhance the system,