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Rust - Interview Questions
Explain few key points about Rust string slices.
Here are a few key points about string slices:

Immutable View : String slices provide an immutable view into a string. This means that you can read the contents of the string slice but cannot modify it.

Reference to a Range : A string slice represents a reference to a range of characters within a string. It consists of a pointer to the start of the range and a length that indicates the number of characters in the slice.

Utf8-Encoded : String slices in Rust are UTF-8 encoded, meaning they can represent valid Unicode text. Rust ensures that string operations on slices maintain the UTF-8 validity.

Subslicing : String slices can be further sliced to create smaller slices, representing substrings within the original slice. This can be achieved using the slicing syntax [start..end], where start is the starting index and end is the exclusive ending index.

Common Usage : String slices are commonly used as function parameters to accept string inputs without taking ownership. They are also returned by many string manipulation functions in the Rust standard library.